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Welcome to Alameda Little League! California District 4

Welcome to Alameda Little League! California District 4

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Safety Protocols

Safety Protocols
The mission of our league’s safety program for 2021 is to maintain a high degree of safety awareness to ensure our league is safe for the players. In addition, this document communicates what is expected from all Coaches, Players, Volunteers and Parents. It is the policy of our league to provide an environment in which the risk of injury is reduced to the lowest possible level by the application of our published safety code. Behavior in violation of the safety code will be treated as misconduct and may remit in the application of appropriate corrective action up to and including dismissal.

Manager's Binder and Required Paperwork for All Players and Volunteers

Include the following in your binder. Players may not practice or play without a signed Medical Release and Parent's Code of Conduct.  

Medical Release Form. All players must have a signed Medical Release to practice and play. Keep a hard copy in your manager's binder.

Little League Consent Form. All players must have a signed Consent Form on file with their team's manager.

Parent's Code of Conduct. All players must have a signed Parent's Code of Conduct to practice and play. Keep a hard copy in your manager's binder.

Local Rules and BylawsThe link will take you to the 'Forms' page. Keep a hard copy in your binder and give copies to your umpires and parents.  

Banner Application. These are the banners that hang on the Minor and Major fields home run fences.

Sponsor Form. Each team must have a sponsor.

Brick Order Form. These are the laser engraved bricks that are being placed as a front facade on the snack bar.

Rescheduling Games: Follow these guidelines for rescheduling postponed games. The game managers should get together, agree on a time and location and then update the umpire share document accordingly.

Publicity Guidelines. Follow these guidelines for submitting games publicity write-ups.

Volunteers: All volunteers (managers, coaches, umpires, etc must contact league president Ron Matthews at
[email protected] to start the verification process.

ALL Field Closure Protocol

There are two sets of fields that Alameda Little League uses, Little League Fields and ARPD fields. The Little League Fields of Anderson (formerly Rittler), Kees (formerly Lippert), Majors, and Minor and are under Alameda Little League control. The ARPD fields of Bayport, Littlejohn, Leydecker, Tillman, etc are managed by Alameda Recreation and Parks are under ARPD control. We have to call this out because ALL fields may be open while ARPD fields may be closed.

Little League Fields : The league controls whether or not the fields are open. Check the Little League website the day of an event (practice or games) to see if your team's field is open. We will do our best to update the status by 2:00pm. If you have a game or practice scheduled and there is no information on this website with respect to closure assume that the practice or game will go on as scheduled and arrive at the scheduled time.

If there are adverse weather conditions during the day any decision to suspend a game is a game-time decision and will not be reported on this website. Please plan on all games starting on-time and arriving at the time your team's manager has specified. 

ARPD Fields: Alameda Recreation and Parks Department manage the ARPD Fields. They have full control deciding that a field is either open or closed.The ARPD maintains a weather hotline Monday through Friday at 510-747-7540. The hotline is updated by 2:00pm. If a field has a "Field Closed" sign the field is closed, please respect it and do not use the field. It is very easy to damage a wet field. Play fields in Alameda are a scarce resource and must be treated as such.

Pitching Resources
A special thanks to the Neptune Pearl for the pitching coaching clinics. The below pitching resources are available to managers. The first item is the instruction sheet from the "Pearl". The second item is a log that can be used during games to track pitch counts.  Pearl Coaching Clinic   Pitch Count Log

CONCUSSION in Youth Sports

To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The Heads Up initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion. Press on the headline above to be taken to the CDC website. 

Click here for the Parent form.

Click here for the Clipboard form

Click here to be taken to the Little League site article about Concussion. You will be taken from this site to the Little League site.

FREE Little League Coach Training

Click here Little League Coaches Training to be taken to the Little League International Coach Resource Center. Here you will find FREE content about coaching/managing a Little League team. You can also subscribe to receive notices when new content is added.

Field Procedures

There are always questions about how to prepare the fields. The attached document helps anyone understand basic field procedures. Press here for Field Procedures.  

If you ever have any questions, please contact Ron Matthews at [email protected]

MANAGERS: Important Information Regarding Score Keeping and Pitch Counts

As a result of a recent situation that occurred in an Alameda Little League Major Division game, we have decided to immediately ask all Official Scorekeepers in Major, AAA, and AA Divisions (Home Team Scorekeeper) to:



The Official Scorekeeper must provide the current pitch count for any pitcher when requested by either Manager or any umpire. In the event no announcement is made or heard, the Manager/s remain responsible for the pitch count and the rules that govern them, including limits by age. Please refer to Regulation VI-Pitchers, Page 37-38, Little League 2013 Baseball Official Regulations and Rules.

Click here for Rule 10.01 Score keeping and 10.22 Pitch Count

Click here for Official Scorer Rules from Little League

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